Picasso oh oh!

I love the interaction between a visual be it a painting, photograph or even a tattoo I see on the street and how it plays in my head.



Sometimes it can get very Tim Burtonesque in there!

Taking inspiration from Picasso’s Weeping Woman and Woman in a hat I loved the play with lines and colour mix.

picasso-met-2010-32  picasso-weeping-woman-1937

Vivienne Westwood AW13 show was filled with this imagery which was wonderful.

I like to work with a mix of powders from Shu Uemura , aqua colours by Kryolan/Mac/Fardel and wet thick tarpaints and creams from Illamqsqua and Pout which brings out a 3D quality.

For skinwork I prefer aqua colour applied rapidly to create that milky complexion.

pic 5

It’s playtime!

pic 6pic 7

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